Thursday, August 31, 2006

At Mia's House in Eureka

While waiting for Mia to get off work, I farted around Eureka & found some guard geese patrolling what might be some sort of artists' complex in Old Town, across from Accident Gallery, a Mexican restaurant & an Irish pub.

Finally I went to see Mia. I took this photo as I pulled up in my car. The house looked kind of small & depressing at first & I was thinking uh-oh did Mia make a mistake buying it? But inside it is really sweet & cheerful, with large well-proportioned living room & kitchen, & two smaller but also cheerful bedrooms. Lots of light everywhere. A really nice house to be in. All redwood exterior siding. A two-story garage that used to be a pot farm & meth lab. Huge backyard.

The whole place needs & is getting fixing up. I scraped & sanded for two days. Mia's spackling & caulking. The goal is to get the exterior at least primed & water-tight for the coming rainy winter. While I was there, Mike Fadeff was finishing up the mudding & taping of the new sheetrock in the living room & kitchen.

Since I was scraping & sanding for free, I let Mia take me out for Mexican food. I introduced her to my guard-geese friends on the way to dinner.

Next day Mia & Mike & I roamed around getting bagels & coffee & having adventures. Mia & I convinced Mike to mimic the pose of the statue which is, I think, associated with a marble plinth carved with the names of all the Eureka fishermen lost at sea.

I had a really nice time visiting Mia & meeting Mike, but next day I had to head home.

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