Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Family Photos

My father's father's mother, Cristena MacIver MacLeod, who lived to be 91.

My aunt Louise joined us all up to, a geneaology website. Build a family tree etc. The interface is kind of clumsy but it has its benefits. What I like is that people have been encouraged to to post photos that I have never seen before of people I have not really been aware I am related to. Seems my Scottish roots include a bundle of MacIvers & MacIvors. Anyway here are some nifty photos of boys & girls of my bloodline:

My father's mother, Jennie Moser MacLeod, lived to be 82. This was her wedding day, she was 19 years old.

Here Jennie is again, on the right, looking a little bit more the way I remember her, though I don't think I was quite born yet when this was taken. Here she is with her sister Evelyn May Moser Richardson, who lived to be 71.

My father's younger brother, my uncle David, all geared up.

My father's father Walter Ernest Gunn MacLeod, fireman, lived to be 97. And my favorite, below, my father's mother's father, my great-grandfather Fred Hartwell Moser. I never met him. He is my new role model.

Fred Moser lived to be 91. My father's father had eight siblings. His sister Katherine lived to 102 & his sister Cristena, whom I met the year before she died, lived to 103.

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Anonymous The Geni Team said...

Wow! Great photos! We'd love to get your feedback on what you are finding clumsy on the Geni interface so if you have a minute please send your thoughts to We really like getting feedback and sometimes the negative feedback can be the most valuable.

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