Thursday, November 20, 2008

Museum Nativity Scene

I made a Museum Nativity Scene to try to sell at the SFMOMA staff craft fair. Didn't sell but I really enjoyed making it & I think it's going to be shown in one of the staff art display cases in the basement. The figures represent all the people who would be needed if the Nativity took place at the museum. You'd need a couple preparators to open the crate & take Baby Jesus out, but of course they wouldn't be able to lift a finger until the registrar showed up with his clipboard. It'd be a good idea to have a conservator there too, maybe in fishnet stockings & carrying a magnifying glass. I guess you could think of Mary & Joseph as a collaborative performance duo. Maybe "Mary+Joseph" or something like that.

Of course lurking nearby would be the curator, a critic & a trustee. Other figures shown in the top photo include a photographer, an education associate, the Three Wise Couriers, a guy from Ops & a couple of guards. Also two sheep, an art cart with Nitrile gloves, and, shown also in the bottom photo, a red tool cart being pushed by a rockabilly preparator with a DeWalt drill. You can tell he's rockabilly because his jean cuffs are rolled up. Yesterday I made a custodian & a docent to add to the group when it goes on display.

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