Monday, December 29, 2008

Igls Austria 1970

In the early 70s I was a member of a Christian youth group called Agapé. I kid you not. We met in the basement crypt of some gothic church in Paris. Seriously. I can't ever remember doing anything vaguely religious, except maybe something to do with a Leonard Cohen album. "Suzanne" was big back then. Anyway for most of us, Agapé mainly was an excuse to get out of our houses, hang out in a crypt & get high & stuff. One of our members, who didn't get high, was Bobby Massie, the son of Robert K. Massie who wrote Nicholas and Alexandra, Massie the elder was inspired to write that book partly because of Bobby's hemophilia. What was uncool about Bobby was that he wore one of those Greek fisherman's caps, and what was cool about him was that he used to do wheelies - in his wheelchair - up and down the dozen or so steps into the crypt. He turned into a pretty amazing adult as well.

Anyway, the other great thing we did at Agapé was go on ski trips every year to Igls, Austria, where some of the events of the the 1964 & 1976 Innsbruck winter olympics were held. It was a small pretty town, we were young & stupid, we'd play a card game called Token which was just an excuse to creatively cheat, we'd drink Stroh rum, go puke in bars, smash ourselves witless drunkenly sledding into fenceposts at the bottom of the bunny slope. Good times.

Anyway I have scanned a couple postcards that I have had forever & this is the first one I'm posting, it's a postcard of Innsbruck etc that I bought on one of those Agapé ski trips.


Anonymous parispirate said...

I have lots of memories of both Agape and our ski trips to Igls. We did put on two church services for the congregation one was a folk music service and the other was a rock music service. I think we used the song Suzanne in the former and one by James Taylor, Fire and Rain. In the rock service we used a Youngbloods song, Get Together.
Were you there when we found the old coffin a corner of the crypt ??
Or when we went on retreats to discuss Sex and Drugs with the youth minister, which involved roll playing and late night games of capture the flag ??
From Igls I remember gluvine (hot mulled wine) and Mardi Gras with many drunken, costumed Austrians skiing down the slopes with us.
Thanks for the update on Bob Massie, very cool.

8:04 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Scott, your description of our Agape meetings in Paris was spot on. I remember at least one evening of overindulgence. It ended up with me making out with a redhead who's name escapes me. I wish I had gone on the ski trips...

Lee Anderson

6:06 AM  
Anonymous parispirate said...

The ASP ski trips were pretty cool too. Didn't you go on at least one of those ???

8:19 AM  

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