Monday, December 08, 2008

Upcoming show at Room For Paint Room For Paper

(an excerpt from the catalogue essay:)

For the third installation in the room for paper, we’re showing early work—quite early in fact—of MacLeod’s, pencil and colored pencil drawings he did between the ages of four and six as a response to the world while living abroad with his parents. We’re treating the show as just that: early work by a mature artist. MacLeod defies easy categorization as a creative person. He is a maker of objects, a publisher of books, a performer, and a keen and compassionate social critic. A brief perusal of his bio will show that he has lived his life in such a way as to reach back and validate this precocious accomplishment in a manner few could. Any questions raised by showing a child’s art in a commercial gallery are assuaged by the fact that these renderings are simply very good drawings by any standards, from the deft sensitivity of the line to the economy of handling to the unhinged titles MacLeod later gave the works, such as Cowboy Jumps Statue, Angry at Snowman, and The Trouble I Had. Scott MacLeod’s unfiltered gestures in pencil on paper from 1960 and 1962 reveal an already differentiated perception of the world, presage a lifelong effort holding true to that vision, and underscore the best of what we hope to showcase here with future exhibitions in the room for paper.

George Lawson, Director
room for painting room for paper

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