Friday, October 21, 2005

After we'd gotten the bridge itself retrofitted, it was time to grade the site in San Jose where we were going to install the bridge. There was a small working-class Hispanic neighborhood right where Capitol Expressway met 680 met 101. This neighborhood was cut off from schools, parks & shops by Lower Silver Creek. The local kids would build bridges out of doors & tires in the summer, but not everyone could use them. And in winter the flow was too strong & would wash away the bridges. The Santa Clara Valley Water District (our client) has been promising these people a bridge for over ten years & only now had all the financial pieces fallen into place.

Here's Tony looking down into one of the holes has just drilled for the 30' piers we need to pour. CalTrans specs - sheesh! Things are getting busy in the background as our operator John Mayer climbs off the Bobcat & PG&E re-routes electrical wires on the other side of the creek so our crane won't get fried when it hoists the bridge into place.

After the piers got poured, we built forms on top of them for the foundations that the bridge-ends will sit on. In the picture below, Vic is pretending to measure something, to give the photo a little more oomph. Yes, Vic decided to stay with the project after we left Linden, so he's driving from Stockton to San Jose & back everyday.

With all the above activity, it's no wonder that Tony & Vic enjoy a nice sit-down lunch break.

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