Saturday, November 04, 2006


Another bunch of people with energy to burn were the phenoms in Zoviet Youth. Here are some photos from a show at the Sound of Music in - what? 1981 or 1982 or something like that.

Peter Edlund, Amy Elliott, Lise Swenson, Patti Davidson


Lise, Patti & Reg

Amy & Reg

Amy, Peter & Lise

I know where Peter, Lise & Patti are, but does anybody know where Amy is? Last time I saw her was in late 1990's when I picked her up in Fearrington NC and dragged her along on a house-hunting expedition in the hills of Eastern Tennessee & Western North Carolina. We grabbed John Van Balen & made him come with us too. I thought maybe this house, in a tiny tiny hamlet named "Relief" in NC, might be the house of my dreams, but it wasn't.

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Blogger artamnesia said...

I think I was at this show and wasn't it Halloween? There was a time for a few years after this that I would run into Amy, at a balinese shadowplay at fort mason and then again at a roommate matching agency...

You were kind enough to buy one of my paintings back then.

5:44 PM  
Blogger Scott MacLeod said...

To Artamnesia: are you Margaret Bigley? If not, who are you?

6:12 PM  

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