Monday, April 02, 2007

A couple days ago I went over to SF & hung out with Linda Wilson. She's getting around a little better on her cane & she is in very good spirits. We walked down to get tortas & juice which we took & ate at the office of El Tecolote newspaper, where Linda is archiving all the thousands of photos in their collection. I didn't take the picture above, I stole it from Linda's blog of photos of Mission residents.

I didn't think I still had this poster & was surprised to find it yesterday when I was doing some spring-cleaning in my studio. This is from a festival that Ellen Zweig produced in 1984 with help from me, Marsha Vdovin, Amy Elliott & Andrea Dace. Poster is a little hard to read. Some very heavy hitters were swinging away during the festival's four consecutive nights. It was insane. I know I've written about it but I can't remember where right now. Too many blogs. My brain is turning to rotten mush.

Alžběta Skálová sent me this photo that her parents Franta & Eva (in front) made for her at the home of Professor Eckelhaft (rear, with black spider on head). Just a typical evening for these bookish paleoicthyologists. Alžběta's studying at Maryland ICA in Baltimore this year.


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