Thursday, August 07, 2008


Jen & Kara Hearn & I are having drinks in Duke of Hollywood Tailors Char-Bar in downtown Houston after taking a boat tour of Houston harbor while Hurricane Dolly wandered by. This is an excellent place: a functioning tailor shop, shoe-shine stand & bar. In the photo below, Jen has just spied the shoeshine guy, Weldon Renfro, pull out two pair of cowboy boots. In a second, Dick DeGuerin's assistant will come in to pick up the shined boots, but not before Jen scoots over to have a look. They turn out to be a pair of Dave Wheeler boots & a pair of Charlie Dunn Texas Traditions - which is now Lee Miller Texas Traditions. DeGuerin was one of Ken Lay's lawyers during the Enron trials & was a classmate of David Koresh.

Our cool motel in Houston.

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