Monday, August 11, 2008

Wahoo Ranch 2008

There are nearly a dozen of us who went to school at U.C. Boulder and/or lived in Boulder CO in the 70's. We had some pretty adventurous times back then and formed pretty strong bonds that persist in spite of time, distance & diverse lifestyles. Every ten or so years we meet somewhere in Colorado where we haven't been before. The death last year of our good friend & group member John Roush spurred us to get together this year. We got two cabins near the Frying Pan River a few miles east of Basalt. Sort of halfway between Glenwood Springs & Aspen. That's me on the right, above, with Steve. I worked with Steve framing in Wyoming in 1975 & doing concrete work in Utah 1976. We both liked Hot Tuna, Jefferson Airplane, Kinks, John Mayall, Arlo Guthrie. He builds & remodels houses in the Denver area.

Here's Nancy & Pete on the left, Betsy & John on the right. That's one of our cabins behind them. John was my freshman roomate. If I was a superhero or a Mars explorer or a viking, I'd want John as my side-kick. (Actually, come to think of it, it would probably be best if I was the side-kick & John was the Masked Ranger. As a group, now that we are older, we have developed the good sense to let John make the decisions when they really count. It's a little bit like what my girlfriend Jen means when she says - while we are watching "Lost" - "Give Sayeed the car keys!")

Ron works for the feds in Idaho. Nancy's a teacher.

Had a nice hike one day. Kinda short but at least the thunderstorms missed us.

Lynn, Pete, Olga, Ron, me, Nancy, Betsy, John. We had a nice couple days. All their kids are grown now & off to college, so it was just us & the wild stories could get told again. Too short a time together. But isn't that always the case?

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