Sunday, January 04, 2009


Last month I went to the excellent David Cunningham Projects to see a two-day show of children's drawings that David had agreed to put up in support of arts education at Marshall Elementary School. The theme was "Peace" and most of the work showed uncannily similar visions of healthy forests & oceans populated by smiling people & scampering critters, but there were also a few good alternative approaches. One kid thought peace was being left alone to listen to music on his headphones and play with his X-Box on a bean-bag chair. For another kid, peace was a battle between giant dinosaurs & transformer-type robots. (& why has no one made that movie yet?)

But the far & away unofficial yet unanimous Best In Show award went to this drawing, for obvious reasons. This photo was actually taken by Alan Bamberger and I stole it from his exceptional & highly recommended - nay: essential Art Opening Reviews website. Hopefully he won't make me remove it from here...


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