Thursday, December 15, 2005


His knees encircled with blood seas. Some days, he says, are troubled, counter to, rather than survival and the continuation. Fighting to keep his lips from quivering.

Rumsfeld, Rumsfeld.

POST-EMPIRE, my prosaic, poetic & visual meditation on the graspings and the whitherings of the tentacles of empire, has just been published by Blue Lion Books (Espoo, Finland & West Hartford, Connecticut) as a print-on-demand book available through CaféPress at:

Cover design is by Jukka-Pekka Kervinen and text design is by Peter Ganick.

Blue Lion Books publishes experimental poetry, visual poetry, and fiction. They specialize in books over 250 pages long, believing that an idea, if expressed, should be expressed in its fullest manner. Visit for catalogue and submission info.

Firestarter I waver in front of l'Hotel-God, between l'ambiance hatched in the clutches of pure physics and the mergez/frites which assembles me. Noise, speech, rumors appear suddenly on the street.

The moment of turbulence is imagination scattered all over the swerve, charging and releasing accumulated energy. Then c'est the hard return towards closed eyes and the rain fall to n'en more.

I am réincarnée thirty thousandths times the bad beer and Blaster Ghetto d'avant war (Gulf. The First.) on the quays of Seine, the crowned whole in the grip of unimaginable shit-crossed discrepancies of scale.

Other recent written work of mine is online at:

and some older visual work is at:

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