Sunday, November 20, 2005

Oakland-Benicia commute 80 mph 6 am 11.16.05

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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

In November I got a break from the brutal Oakland-San Jose commute when the new media packs for the RBC project in Benicia finally arrived and I had to go do that project for a week & a half. I liked working in Benicia. The commute wasn't bad, ironically there was usually lots of fresh air & sunshine at the Waste Treatment Plant, & I got to operate the boom truck, which is always fun.

And since Tony was still working on the bridge project, I had to call the union hall & hire a couple of millwrights. Millwrights are cool, sort of a cross between mechanics & carpenters. I think the term comes from the guys who assembled grinding wheels of grain mills, way back in the (medieval) day. My millwrights for this project, Jack & Bill, seen below, were very good, very experienced and were easy-going & funny. They were a blast to work with & I was a little sorry when the project was over & we had to say goodbye.

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