Monday, January 02, 2006

My office December 2005

Mikey was over visiting in the kitchen with me & Jen. He seemed older, not a kid anymore, more like a pre-teen. His left eye was swollen & he was telling us some story about who punched him and why. Jen wanted me to stand next to him so she could take a photo, so we could see if he really was taller. But he was squirmy, ran around the kitchen island, I went under it, finally caught up with him. We stood back to back as Jen was focusing. I noticed an orange tabby on the kitchen wall, up near the ceiling. It's left front paw was stuck all the way into a small hole in the wall, the tabby must have been reaching in & now its whole leg was stuck in the wall, all the way up to the chest. The tabby was trying to contort its body around in order to swat a large bee, a malevolent-looking black & yellow bee the size of a large peanut, that was stinging its back. As soon as I saw the bee, it flew over to me, buzzing and bumping into my face as I was trying to pose for the photo. It tried to sting my eye, then started to crawl into my left nostril.

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