Friday, April 04, 2008

Dog Attack

Today I was just getting my wind back, was taking the dog out to put her in the car, Jen & I were going to take her for a walk, do some errands etc, when a strange black dog, short legs, barrell chest, weighed maybe 75 lbs to our dog's 30-35 lbs, came in behind me, I barely even registered it until it tore into Boojum, who was knocked on her back & tried to back under the car. I was knocked on my butt too & the black dog, a lab-rottweiler or something mix, was between me & Boojum, who was still on the leash that was around my wrist, I couldn't grab a handful of the black dog, it was so muscular there just was no loose flesh anywere & I couldn;t reach its head because it was kind of sitting on me sort of, I couldn't get up or get any leverage. Luckily Jen saw it all & came in over the top of the dog, she was punching it & when I finally grabbed one of its legs I could pull it just barely enough off of Boojum that Jen could grab her, drag her from under the car & shove her into the car, then we kicked & yelled at the black dog till it wandered away. Luckily at no time did the dog seem at all inclined to attack either of us. So instead of hiking we had a fast trip to the vet. At first I though Boojum's femoral artery had been severed but when I saw that there was no new blood being added to the mess on the towel on the back seat, I realized we were lucky. But there were lots of nasty puncture wounds all over & a couple of really serious holes torn into her inner thighs near the groin, I could've put my thumb in one of them up to the knuckle easily. She got sedated & cleaned up & stitched & etc & has her head in a bucket for the next 4 days. She'll need to go back twice more. We're at $287 & counting, natch, but at least our 13-year old dog is alive, even if she is not happy. The black dog had no collar & had come at our dog from about three houses down, no provocation at all, so Jen called Animal Control & they called within an hour saying they'd apprehended the perp. If the same thing had happened to a person (well it sort of did to Jen last year), the cops wouldn;t have showed up for at least 8 hours.

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