Thursday, March 13, 2008

SFMOMA Paint Shop Artwork

Sometimes I work as an on-call preparator at SFMOMA. Often the walls are painted different colors for different installations & exhibitions. These are sample chips that have been attached to the wall of the basement paint shop after they were no longer needed. This is one of my favorite art pieces at MOMA & I finally took a picture of it. Be sure to enlarge it so you can read the text on the chips:

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Yesterday, Monday, I went to San Rafael to see my tax man, Gary. Jen did some work in a café a few blocks from Gary's office (her appointment with Gary is this coming Monday), and when I was done, I picked her up & we went hiking at nearby China Camp State Park. These are the only pictures I took that day:

We were right at the end of the trail when we saw: deer butt!

You have to enlarge this photo to clearly see that she's giving us one last backward glance...
Actually - here - enlarge this one below:

Later at home I got a good picture of Boojum staring in through the cat door.

Friday, March 07, 2008

More John Roush photos

Here are some more photos of my friend John Roush who passed away last year. His widow Susan was kind enough to send these to me.

Susan & John Roush
John showing off his wedding ring.

And this last one, probably from the late 80's, blurry as it is, is my favorite of this batch that Susan sent, and the way I want to remember John. Susan's caption for it is:

"Beautiful day in Philly just having fun."

Amen to that.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

More Aileen Street KIds

Also from a few years ago:

Jen & Ashley

Mikey in tent


Mary, Shannon & Ashley

Mikey, Ashley & Shannon

More Photos of Aileen Street Kids

These are all from a few years ago:

Ashley & Mikey

Ashley, Mary & Shannon

Boojum & Mikey

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

The D-Lord

Monday, March 03, 2008

Home Cooking

If you are ever in Bangkok, swing by & say hello to my dad's widow, Yupin, at her restaurant, which is called HOME COOKING. Here's a review that was just in the Bangkok Post:

Home Cooking, Peninsula Plaza, third level, Ratchadamri Road
Tel. : 02-252-3544
Open : daily (except Sun) from 11am-6pm
Price :

01/07 Aroma is one of the most important factors of home-style cooking, and that was the first thing that greeted us upon our arrival. That great smell was presumably from the blanquette de veau (300 baht), a new dish just out of the oven. The dish, considered by many culinary gurus to be an institution of French cuisine, comprises chunks of veal slowly cooked in French white wine sauce.

Here the veal stew is served with rice, smartly cooked in seasoned stock to enhance the flavour. The meat was melt-in-the-mouth tender and the sauce was memorably flavourful.

Apart from the list on the chalkboard, Home Cooking's simple looking menu features a decent variety of home-style Western dishes including soup, salad, gratin, pasta and meat dishes.

You really shouldn't miss the confit of duck (250 baht), simply because nobody else who dines here does. The deep-fried leg, served with pan-fried potato slices, was unbeatably good. The duck was crispy on the outside and moist and flavourful on the inside.

Luckily for us, we also had a chance to sample Yupin's stuffed duck (300 baht per serving) which was on the specials menu. It is perhaps the next best thing to her famous Thanksgiving turkey; in case you missed out on that particular treat. The duck, deboned and filled with delicious hearty stuffing (a mixture of liver, dried apple, ground pork, fresh sausage and whole chestnuts) was served in generously thick slices with steamed vegetables.

Our duck day at Home Cooking was to continue. The next dish, peach duck (250 baht), offered slices of breast meat - super tender and juicy - on a bed of peach sauce, accompanied by peach slices and mashed potato. The duck was perfectly prepared and the sauce was not overly sweet - there was no chance of anything other than complete satisfaction.

Yupin playfully boasted that her burgers were the most carefully prepared and certainly the most delicious in town. And so we decided to give home burger (160 baht) a try. Truly deserving of the word 'beefy', the thick patty was juicy and well seasoned and can be cooked to your preference from medium rare to well done. It arrived on a home-baked bun with nothing but a couple slices of grilled tomato. Even so, there's no need to ask for the works - everything is already there, even the bacon. They were just blended in seamlessly with the ground beef. Lamb lovers may want to try the home-made lamb burger (250 baht), although you may have to check its availability.

You can't leave Home Cooking without sampling one of the desserts. One of the sure-fire recommendations is the strawberry shortcake (100 baht), which presents a light but lavish buttery cake with scrumptious fresh strawberry syrup. As others were praising the shortcake, I tried the baked apple (70 baht). Featuring a whole apple cut in half and glazed with in a liquory syrup, the dish though unremarkable to look at was aromatic and unstoppably yummy.

Whether you are a finicky diner looking for an impeccable feast or a weary shopper in need of comfort food, Home Cooking is a place you can call home.

Originally reviewed by VANNIYA SRIANGURA

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Aileen Street Fair

A few years ago Aileen Street had a street fair. These are a few pictures of that event. Here's Mr. Kelly standing in his yard looking across at the band that has set up on our front lawn.

Street Fair Pie Faces

Ashley & her friends sporting pie faces.

Wind & Rain Storm

A pretty big branch came down a few weeks ago in a rain & wind storm.